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Request for Quotation

Provision of Professional Service in International Market Intelligence

[Ref No.: RFQ 20 16 00]



The purpose of this RFQ is to seek submission of quotation to engage a market intelligence service provider for 12 months, with an option of yearly subscription renewal, to provide international market intelligence insights and information to various stakeholders of Darussalam Enterprise.



The scope of service required is (but not limited to) the following projects:

  • Comprehensive market intelligence solution in a form of report or online portal/dashboard to drive better decision-making and to guide competitive strategy in areas such as foreign market opportunity, penetration, and market development;

  • An in-depth analysis to establish understanding for businesses to entering new market environments and the major key players using statistics, data, insights and trends in the industries/sectors of Food & Beverage, Fashion and Textiles, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing and Retail in the region of Asia Pacific, Australasia and the Middle East.

  • Develop strategic insights on the consumer to acquire information on factors that influence customers’ decision and preference.

  • Develop a strategic outlook on product opportunity and packaging innovation to facilitate the formation of a stronger brand and a competitive advantage for the local businesses.



  • Proposal which may include, but not limited to, the following:

    • A detailed scope coverage and methodologies.

    • The format of delivery models.

    • Coverage of regions and industries.

    • Cost and terms of subscription plan, duration and payment terms.


  • Company profile and experience:

  • A valid certificate of business registration/license and company background information.

  • Length of experience;

  • Nature of past and present clients;

  • Company’s track record or testimonials from previous clients for the past 3 years minimum.


Additional Info:

  • The stakeholders of Darussalam Enterprise include the staff of Darussalam Enterprise from various divisions and program participants under different initiatives and programs.  

  • The subscription is targeted to begin tentatively in February 2021.

  • The validity of the quotation should be for a minimum of six (6) months.

  • Proposals will undergo an internal quotation process before any results of appointment will be announced.




Further information on the scope of service and the requirement of submission of quotation can be found here


Interested service providers must submit their quotations via email to Quotation Secretary at no later than 3:00 p.m. on 11 January 2021.


RFQ must be clearly labelled as “RFQ 20 16 00 - Provision of Professional Service in International Market Intelligence”


For enquiries, you may contact

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