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Modern Architecture


All land & ready-built factory can apply through InSiteAPS (Industrial Site Application Processing System)

Eligibility Criteria



  • Locally incorporated Sdn Bhd

  • Up to 100% foreign ownership

Ready Built Factory

Ready-Built Factory

  • Open to Sole Proprietorship, Partnership and Sdn Bhd registered under the Business Names Act and Companies Act (Chap 39)

  • Owner(s)/Shareholders must be 100% Yellow IC holder

  • Maximum up to 2 units only for Sole Proprietorship and Partnership

Youth Ground;

  • Owner(s)/Shareholders must be of age 18 – 35 

  • Owner(s)/Shareholders must be 100% Yellow IC holder 

  • Open to Sole Proprietorship and Sdn Bhd businesses 

  • New startups and existing businesses are welcome to apply 


Other Criteria

  • Activity must be suitable and matches the purpose of the Land / Ready-Built Factory use (such as manufacturing, processing and value-added activities) 

  • For existing tenant, applicant must have a valid and no breach of lease/tenancy agreement, and have no outstanding lease/rental fee and utilities (including electricity) 

  • Employment status: current & future local workforce (meeting minimum ratio based on industry sectors) 

  • Audit & tax returns status: regular audit, updated filing, tax paid (for Sdn Bhd)

Required information


Financial Information

  • Audited and/or Management Account for the past 3 years (Balanced Sheet, Profit & Loss and Cashflow Statement)

  • Projected Financial Account for the next 10 years

Upload Documents

  • Shareholders/Owner’s Identification Card

  • Incorporation/Registration Certificate

  • Shareholders’ Certificate (for Sdn Bhd)

  • Latest Annual Return (for Sdn Bhd)

  • Tax Filling Receipts for the past 3 years from Revenue Division (for Sdn Bhd)

  • Latest Form X

  • Organization Structure

  • Company Profile

  • JobCentre Screenshot

  • Business Reporting Screenshot (Register at

  • Proposed Layout Plan/Approve As Built Plan


Additional for Ex-TOL

  • Approval Letter from Land Department, Ministry of Development

  • Site Survey Plan from Survey Department, Ministry of Development

  • Latest Receipt of Land Tax Payment from Land Department, Ministry of Development

Application Process

For general enquiries, you may contact us via email at

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