Youth Ground

Affordable space for youth to start, run and grow their business in DARe’s Ready Built Factories (RBF).

What is Youth Ground?

Affordable space for youth to start, run and grow their business in DARe’s Ready Built Factories (RBF).

What does Youth Ground Offer?

  • Affordable Rent 

  • Various Unit Sizes cater to different business needs

  • Lower Initial deposit

  • Great location


  • Open to Youth applicants only (18 to 35 years old)

  • Startups are welcome 

  • Each applicant is only allowed to apply for one unit 

  • Brief business plan must be submitted (Eligibility Criteria)

  • Sole Proprietorship and Private Limited companies are welcome


Where is Youth Ground (YG) located?

Selected units allocated for Youth at DARe RBF: Beribi, Serambangun, Pekan Belait & SPARK (Office Space).

How much is the rental?

  • Rental details are available here
  • Deposit equivalent to one-month rental is required in advance
  • Rent is required to be paid in advance, during the first week of the month

When will the rental start?

Approval upon Occupation Permit (OP) or Four-month grace period (Whichever comes first)

Who is responsible for the maintenance of Youth Ground?

Tenants will be liable for maintenance of equipment, furniture, fixture, lightning & fittings, housekeeping and cleanliness within their designated units. DARe will maintain the common areas.

Can Youth tenants collaborate with other Youth for co-location?

Yes. However, subject to DARe’s approval

How to Apply

Youth applicants are required to apply via InSiteAPS

What activities are allowed?

Activities that are considered under light industries and manufacturing.

* The following are some examples:

  1. Manufacture Of Food Products
  2. Manufacture Of Beverages
  3. Manufacture Of Textiles
  4. Manufacture Of Wearing Apparel
  5. Manufacture Of Leather And Related Products
  6. Manufacture Of Wood And Of Products Of Wood And Cork, Except Furniture;
  7. Manufacture Of Articles Of Straw And Plaiting Materials
  8. Manufacture Of Paper And Paper Products
  9. Printing And Reproduction Of Recorded Media

What activities are NOT allowed?

  • Illegal activities stated under the Law of Brunei Darussalam
  • Heavy industries – emitting pollution and noise are not desirable
  • Commercial space or entity
  • Sublet and co-location without DARe’s consent