Workshop for SMEs in APEC: Embracing 4.0 Industrial Revolution in Boosting Economic Performance of Export-oriented SMEs” 

Date: 6 to 7 April 2021

Background & About Event


This workshop aims to share the experiences and knowledge on the implementation of Industry 4.0 for export-oriented SMEs in various economies from experts; to achieve a better understanding on the best practices of Industry 4.0 implementation; to formulate recommendation for Small and Medium Industry development in APEC.


The outline of the sessions include:

  • Session 1: The Introduction of Industrial Revolution 4.0, digital economy platform; How IR 4.0 Bring Impact to the Export Performance of SMEs

  • Session 2: Supporting SMEs Integration to Harness and Benefit from 4.0 Industrial Revolution

  • Session 3: SMEs participation in 4.0 Industrial Revolution – Opportunity and Challenges from Private Sector’s Perspective

  • Session 4: Recommendation and Action Plan - In this session, participants will discuss and build recommendations for future action plans on SMEs readiness to global market



Applicant Eligibility


  • Registered MSMEs practitioner from apparel and textile, food and beverages industry; and,

  • Other groups such as women, academics, researcher, and anyone who involved in SMEs export activities related to apparel and textiles and food and beverages industry.



Application Method


Submission via email to by Thursday, 1 April 2021 before COB.


Any interested local MSMEs who fulfil the eligibility criteria will have to attach a cover letter, a scan of their passport/identity card and brief company profile in pdf form.


The cover letter should include details on nature of business, the reason for applying to said event, year established, no. of employees, products/services offered, past achievements/awards, address, social media, website and email to with subject RE: Applicant- [COMPANY NAME] [CATEGORY][Workshops for SMEs in APEC, April 2021]


Successful applications will be successful and notified within a week after the deadline.