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Security Services Provision for All Industrial Sites Except Pulau Muara Besar Industrial Park

Reference Number: DTC 22 07 00

Darussalam Enterprise (‘DARe’) hereby invites interested parties to submit Proposal for the above-mentioned tender.

The scopes of services shall include (but not limited to): -

  • Access Control of entry/exit for DAReowned buildings, complexes, premises, and industrial sites/parks.

  • Surveillance of persons within DARepremises to identify and intervene potential threats/criminal acts from enactment with intent to cause harm/damage to public, personnel, and assets.

  • Reporting to DARe’sHSSE focal regarding incidents or issues relating to safety & security that has come to attention of security guard without undue delay.

  • Investigating incidents or issues relating to safety & security in assistance if instructed by DARe’sHSSE focal.

  • Responding accordingly with specific rectifying/de-escalating actions to incidents/issues or emergencies either upon being directed by DAReHSSE focal or at own initiative, or according to standard service-provider SOPs or any superseding SOPs from DARe.

  • Patrolling of DARebuilding premises and adjacent compounds/facilities on foot (building patrolling); as well as via vehicles for other specified industrial sites (site patrolling); at a pre-determined schedule.

  • Communicating and disseminating relevant security/safety related information to and from DARe’sHSSE focal, and also within security posts’ duty group, as necessary in a timely and consistent manner.

  • Compliance of all relevant laws and regulations by the security guard in their own conduct and enforcing the compliance of others being engaged in their line of work as necessary on matters of safety and security; or as dictated by DARe’sown Code of Conduct and Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) policy.

  • Customer-Service demonstration towards visitors and staff at DARebuildings/premises that is in line with DARe’sown Customer-Service Signature DNA.

All scope shall be in compliance with guidelines and best practices under Brunei Government and Authorities; and also in compliance to the Local Business Development.

Who should register?

Interested parties should be a reputable local company with expertise and proven track record; and registered under Companies Act (Chapter 39) and Security Agencies Act (Chapter 187). At minimum, the company must have at least three (03) years experience in conducting and managing security operations in areas of premises guarding and security patrolling.

Instructions for registration and tender document collection:

  • Send an email to indicating your interest and the company's qualifications with the email subject: "REQUEST FOR TENDER DOCUMENTS - DTC 22 07 00, Security Services Provision for All Industrial Sites Except Pulau Muara Besar Industrial Park’.

  • The tender documents will be issued by email on 12th August 2022. The deadline for the submission of tender proposals is 12:00 noon, Thursday, 18th August 2022.

  • If you have any questions in relation to this tender, please email them to

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