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Facilitator for Accelerate Bootcamp Cycle 10 (100 Days Bootcamp)

Reference Number: RFP 23 12 00


DARe is seeking Proposals from suitably qualified Proposers for this project. In developing the Proposal, the Proposer should consider the objectives and key requirements prescribed below in the provision of, ‘Facilitator for Accelerate Bootcamp Cycle 10 (100 Days Bootcamp)’:

Accelerate Bootcamp is a startup accelerator content for high growth and high potential startups for export ideas, products and services targeting local and international markets. It also assists in the development and growth of startups leading to become investment ready, where startups are able to pitch to investors.


  • To be part of assessment and selection process with programme coordinating team for selection of Accelerate Bootcamp participants.

  • To assign a dedicated experienced facilitator in accelerator programme for each weekly check-in.

  • To create, develop and implement a 100 day/3 month accelerator programme targeting high potential and high growth startup companies through weekly hybrid learning approach (physical and online learning).


  • To provide and deliver the modules which include but not limited to;

  1. Market Validation;

  2. Develop Leadership Skills

  3. Building a team beyond founders

  4. Design Thinking

  5. Prototype Development Approaches

  6. Product Design

  7. Product-Market Fit

  8. Testing & Validation

  9. Learn how to pitch with confidence

  10. Craft a fundable Pitch Deck

  11. Sales and Negotiations

  • To provide biweekly key metrics to measure progress of participants, which include investment raised, sales and revenue.

  • To track participants' submission of assignments and attendance through Learning Management System.

  • To organize local Final Pitch and regional Demo Day for the top 3 startups.


  • To recommend additional add-value support (programmes, initiatives) after completion of each accelerate programme. Not limited to;

  1. Monitoring and mentoring after completion of Accelerate Bootcamp Programme Cycles.

  2. Startup Immersion programme

Submission Format

Proposals must be clearly labelled as, ‘Facilitator for Accelerate Bootcamp Cycle 10 (100 Days Bootcamp)’ and addressed to:

Darussalam Enterprise (DARe) 

Design & Technology Building,

Simpang 32-37,

Anggerek Desa Technology Park

Kampong Anggerek Desa,

Bandar Seri Begawan BB 3713

Brunei Darussalam

Proposals must be submitted to the above-mentioned address no later than 3.00 PM Brunei time (GMT+8) on 28th April 2023.

Proposers are instructed to provide their RFP in the following format:

Electronic submissions shall be submitted in two separate files or folders; one marked “technical submission” and one marked “commercial submission”, via e-mail to

All electronic submissions must be password-protected upon submission to RFP Secretariat, in which RFP Secretary will only request the password from Proposers at the close of submission deadline.

Proposals without password protection will be disqualified. A step-by-step guide on how to protect PDF files via is available on (Appendix B).

Upon submission, RFP Secretariat will confirm receipt of the proposal. Please also take note our email can only receive attachments up to a maximum of 10MB.

Proposals lodged after the deadline will not be considered unless DARe otherwise determines at its absolute discretion and without any obligation to do so that it is appropriate for a later Proposal to be considered.

DARe will assign a reference number for any RFP issued. This reference number should be quoted in any correspondence and during Proposal submission.


Proposer requiring any clarification of the RFP may e-mail their questions to with subject heading, “[RFP 23 12 00. – Facilitator for Accelerate Bootcamp Cycle 10 (100 Days Bootcamp)”. Copies of the DARe response will be forwarded to all Proposers.

RFP Facilitator Accelerate Cycle 10 170423
Download PDF • 319KB

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