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Empanelment of Training Consultants for Design and Deliver Business Training Modules Service

Reference Numbers: RFP 23 06 01



DARe is to engage qualified, reputable and experienced organisations for the Empanelment of Training Consultants for Design and Deliver Business Training Module Services with no legal obligation to order any minimum or maximum quantity. The duration of the empanelment would be for one (1) year.


DARe invites proposals from Training Consultants with the view of entering into empanelment for broad categories of work as mentioned herein below:

Financial   Course


  • Managing Cash Flow

  • Budgeting

  • Financial Statement   Analysis: profitability ratios, liquidity ratios and efficiency ratios

  • Startup/Business   Valuation

Each module can be conducted in a range of half (0.5) day to two (2) days

Each session is to cater to about 25 participants

For the proposal of each module, the proposer must include the following scope of work:

Detailed course descriptions: (Appendix C)

  • Course background

  • Objectives

  • Learning outcomes

  • Course content

Lesson plan (Appendix C)

List of training materials provided (Appendix C)

Target audience

Supplementary services offered (if any)

Language for each module must be clearly stated i.e. English, Malay and/or Bi-lingual. The ability to have the module in Malay and English is an added advantage.

The module’s content must include a balance of theory learning and hands-on activities.

The proposer should prepare post-training performance reports to DARe after each module is conducted including:

  • The number of attendees

  • Effectiveness and areas of improvement

The proposer should be able to conduct the modules on-site at the designated venue within or outside DARe’s premises.

Activities and deliverables must be flexible and subject to slight modifications based on the findings from the previous engagements.

The proposer shall update the list of associated deliverables for respective training if required.

Proposal Submission Checklist

Proposers are required to submit the following:


  • Letter of Response; Appendix A

  • Company profile; to include a brief description of Proposer’s company and outline of recent experience on assignments of a similar nature, and Proposer’s past client list (if any)

  • Curriculum vitae of all relevant consultants/trainers for this project

  • Scope of work for consultancy/training services, including a detailed description, content and lesson plan for each module (Appendix C)

  • Copy of Business Registration Certificate or Copy of Business License

  • Copies of miscellaneous licenses/documents pertinent to the Proposal (if any)


  • Module fees; to include all costs associated with the assignment and to break down the costing by module - Appendix A

  • Payment terms; to include payment structure - Appendix A

  • Copy of bank statement header (for your bank details for payment purposes)

*price should be expressed in BND


· Proposal must have the Proposer’s signature and company stamp


Proposal should be submitted to either one of the following:

Soft-copy to


Hard copy addressed to:

Capacity Building Unit, Programme Management

Darussalam Enterprise

Design & Technology Building, Anggerek Desa Tech Park,

Bandar Seri Begawan, BB3713,

Brunei Darussalam

Proposal must be submitted no later than 4:00 PM, 05th May 2022. For inquiries, please contact the e-mail address above.

2024_RFP Empanelment of Training Providers
Download PDF • 631KB

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