Are you a company looking to get certified to international standards?


DARe has introduced an assistance programme wherein its participating companies will receive training and consultancy services to achieve certification for international standards. For more information, you may refer to the Frequently Asked Questions


We have also held a few briefing sessions to introduce this programme to the public and to increase awareness on the importance of international standards. You can view the presentation materials here


This programme runs in batches, with each batch focusing on different types of standards and industries. 

Batch 1: Launched September 2018, for HACCP and ISO 22000 certification 

Batch 2: Launched December 2018, for GMP and ISO 9001 certification 

Batch 3: Launched July 2019, for GMP and ISO 9001 certification

Batch 4: Launched January 2020, for GMP and ISO 9001 certification 

Batch 5: Launched June 2020, for ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 22000 and HACCP certification


Currently Open For: Brunei Good Agricultural Practice (Brunei GAP) Certification 

(presentation slides from the briefing session are available here)

Who and what are the different certifications for?


  • ISO 9001 (Quality Management System)

    • Target industries: All

    • Benefits: To improve customer service; to improve internal processes; to improve efficiency, productivity and profitability; to ensure consistent outcome

  • ISO 45001 (Occupational Health & Safety Management System)

    • Target industries: All, but esp. Oil & Gas; Construction; Logistics

    • Benefits: To meet legal and regulatory requirements; to increase safety and reduce workplace risks/accidents; to increase productivity; to enhance company reputation


  • ISO 22000 or HACCP (Food Safety Management System)

    • Target industries: F&B; Hotel

    • Benefits: To enhance food safety and hygiene; to increase consumer confidence; to boost export opportunities; to comply with regulatory and client requirements

  • Brunei GAP (Brunei Good Agricultural Practice)

    • Target industries: Agricultural farmers and growers

    • Benefits: To improve and enhance food safety and product quality of vegetables and fruits; ensure all produce is safe for consumption; meet local demand for better food safety

Why is this programme introduced?


To enable and encourage companies to adopt international standards, which are designed to drive business growth by developing capabilities, improve the business’ processes, improve quality and consistency, increase competitiveness and gain access to new markets. 


As certifications can be costly, this program enables companies by providing participants with consultancy, guidance and training to develop their documentation and system, as well as support until certification.

How long does each batch of this programme run for?


Companies are expected to commit to work alongside the consultant to achieve certification within a timeline of 3-6 months, depending on the certification.



How to be eligible?


  • General eligibility criteria:

    • Must be a Brunei-based and Brunei-registered company

    • Must have a need and strong motivation for getting certification

    • Must be ready to begin certification project upon selection into this programme

    • Must have adequate staff to implement this certification project

    • Must have commitment from top management of company and staff involved

    • Must be willing to bear the associated costs of getting certification

    • Must be willing to maintain the certification for the subsequent years

  • Additional criteria for Brunei GAP:

    • Must have farms operating at Agriculture Development Areas (KKP)

    • Must have products or provide services for Brunei Good Agricultural Practice (GAP):-

      • Growers/Farmers of fruits and/or vegetables (“products”)

      • Packers/Sellers/Product transporters (“service providers”) who retail the products to consumers

How to Apply?

Download and complete the application form below, and send it through one of the following:

  • Soft-copy to be e-mailed to, or

  • Hard-copy to be submitted to Business Help Desk, Level 1, Design & Technology Building, Anggerek Desa Tech Park, BSB

To find out when the next batch will be launched, do stay updated by following our Instagram at @darussalamenterprise, or emailing the Market Access team at to notify us of your interest to receive news about the next batch. 

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