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Kontena Park is an area with the aim to provide a platform for foodpreneurs to test and validate their product in a real market setting.


What is Kontena Park?

The Kontena Park is an area with the aim to provide a platform for foodpreneurs to test and validate their product in a real market setting.

Where is Kontena Park located?

The Kontena Park is located at Anggerek Desa Technology Park (ADTP) at the end of Simpang 32-37, Kg Anggerek Desa, next to the multi-storey carpark behind the iCentre building.

What utilities are provided at Kontena Park?

The Kontena Park offers 8 spaces to sell in which includes serving and kitchen area, water and electricity connectivity.
The dining areas can accommodate max 70 pax with sheltered roof, fans, table and chairs, baby seats, public toilet and washbasin. Public can also use iCentre's surau for prayers. Other utilities at the Kontena Park may include Wi-Fi, projector and entertainment.

The Kontena Park structure and infrastructure is compliant with government department and authorities' requirements.

Tenants shall comply with the requirements including the operation requirements that is required by the government department and authorities particularly on food, health, safety and halal

Selected vendors will also have access to iCentre facilities*.

Subject to terms and conditions.

How much is the rental at Kontena Park?

The rent at Kontena Park is B$350 / month, this excludes utility bills. Those selected are required to pay 2-months refundable deposit in advance.

The 2-months refundable deposit will be deducted for any maintenance and will be used to refurbish the container back to the original structure which will be part of the terms and conditions.

Who is responsible for maintenance of the Kontena Park?

Tenants will be liable for maintenance of equipment, furniture, fixture and fittings provided by DARe this includes: cleaning of dining area and disposal of waste food and material to rubbish collection area.

DARe will service the manhole and grease trap on a scheduled basis, however it is the tenant's responsibility to maintain the grease trap daily.

Is there a backup generator on site?

No, there will be no backup generator.

What other add value does the Kontena Park include?

Vendors at Kontena Park will be able to join DARe's programmes at no charge to further improve their business knowledge and skillsets. The programmes provided by DARe include Industry Business Academy, Accelerator, and Micro Business Bootcamp. All programmes aim to teach enterprises how to conduct a business and are tailored specifically on the growth of their business.

Additionally, vendors will receive promotion & marketing that will be carried out by DARe. Monitoring and mentoring will also be provided to check on the growth of the vendors.

Is there any space available at the Kontena Park?

No, there is currently no space available. New applications will open by next year 2020.

When will Kontena Park start operation?

Kontena Park is now fully operational and will only change to new vendors after 1 year.

What are the opening times of Kontena Park?

Opening hours are 8am to 8pm from Monday to Sunday with a break from 12pm to 2pm during Friday prayers.

Where are the access roads for Kontena Park?

Kontena Park can be accessed via three ways:
(1) via Simpang 32-37, Kg Anggerek Desa;
(2) the back access of the Design and Technology Building where DES school is located;
(3) via Simpang 32-11.

How big is the space of each container per vendor?

Total area is 20ft by 20ft: 10ft by 10ft is the service area and the other 10ft by 10ft is the kitchen area.

How big is the kitchen area?

The kitchen area is 10ft x 10ft and is an enclosed space compliant with relevant government department and authorities. Tenants shall only operate in kitchen area without future expansion or upgrade to the kitchen.

Can tenants put up signage above the container?

Yes, Tenants are required to submit their single drawing and is subject to DARe’s approval. However, DARe will provide building signage for the tenants to publish their logo.

Do the food stalls come with exhaust fans? And will it be covered?

The kitchen comes with double hot stove burner without gas cylinder and gas regulator and double washbasin inclusive of kitchen hood, duct and exhaust fans.

Can I choose which container I want to be located at?

No, it will be based on draws by the selected vendors.

What are the eligibility criteria to apply for Kontena Park?

*F&B businesses only owned by Yellow or Red IC holders.

*Develop their own products.

*Are able to pay a monthly rent of B$350 excluding utility bills.Those selected need to pay 2 months' rent in advance.

*To open from 8am to 10pm on Monday to Wednesday and 8am to 12pm on Thursday to Sunday. (This timing may be subject to change over time)

*Upon selection of vendors, a monthly sales report will have to be shared to DARe as part of the monitoring and mentoring.

Can I collaborate with another vendor to share the rent?

Yes, we appreciate collaboration between vendors especially when they are a good fit i.e. coffee and toast, ice cream and waffles, etc.

This can be added on to your application form which can be found at the bottom of this FAQ.

What happens if I don’t comply with the terms set by DARe?

Those who do not comply with the terms and condition will be given notice and may be subject to termination of contract.

Do I need to apply for halal certification prior to applying for Kontena Park?

It is not mandatory; however, it is an added bonus for those who already have halal certification. Vendors who are selected can apply once they are selected as our space is ABCI approved.

How long is the tenancy at Kontena Park?

Vendors will receive one full year of tenancy provided they meet the requirements set by DARe. Failure to meet requirements set may potentially end their tenancy.

Vendors may possibly extend their tenancy depending on their performance.

When will selection of vendors be confirmed?

Next selection of vendors will be made when application reopens in the year 2020.

How do I apply for a space at Kontena Park?

To apply for a space for Kontena Park please fill in this form (English / Malay) and submit to