The iCentre Incubation Programme is a one-year incubation programme by DARe and co-working space for existing and aspiring entrepreneurs with access to capacity building programmes, scaling and investment opportunities. 


What is the iCentre Incubation Programme?


The iCentre Incubation Programme is a one-year incubation programme by DARe and co-working space for existing and aspiring entrepreneurs with access to capacity building programmes, scaling and investment opportunities.


Who is eligible for the programme?


To be eligible for the programme, Applicant have to meet the following general eligibility criteria:


  • Must be registered and based in Brunei Darussalam.

  • Must join and complete DARe Micro Bootcamp Programme or at least attendance week seven (7) onwards in Accelerate Bootcamp Programme.

  • Must complete and submit Application Form.

How does it work?

  1. Complete Application Form & prepare all required document.

  2. Submit Application Form, Business Proposal and relevant documents to or to Business Helpdesk, Design & Technology Building, Anggerek Desa Tech Park. 

  3. The applicants will be assessed into 2 stages:

    • Stage 1: Assessment of Application Form

      Screening of the application form to check for completeness and eligibility based on the general criteria. 

    • Stage 2: Evaluation of Appendix A (Executive summary) and Appendix B (Business Proposal)
      Assessment of Appendix A and B for Executive Summary and Business Proposal subject to the Evaluation Criteria. 

  4. Approval and signing of agreement for successful application. 

  5. Unit Entry Exit Checklist and exchange of unit keys. 

  6. Monthly Coaching up to a maximum 12-month duration based on the agreed milestone.


1. Where is iCentre located at?

It is located at Simpang 32-37,Kg Anggerek Desa,Jalan Berakas BB3713, Bandar Seri Begawan, Negara Brunei Darussalam.

2. How many office does iCentre have?

There are 29 offices in iCentre building

3. Why do I need to attend DARe’s Micro or Accelerate Bootcamp to qualify for the iCentre Incubation Programme?

This is to ensure, you have meet all the required business components and for business owners to understand their business better.

4. What happen if I haven’t join the Micro or Accelerate Bootcamp but wanted to join iCentre Programme?

The application form will not be process. On the other hand, you could join our Micro or Accelerate Bootcamp programme first.

Micro business will undergo a 4-week business programme where you learn the fundamentals of starting, running and growing a micro business (defined as a business of less than 4 employees).

Accelerate Programme is a 100 days programme where you will be trained in product development, business plan creation, securing financing and making sales. At the very end, you will have the opportunity to take centre stage at a Demo Day event – where you will pitch your business to a panel of regional investors (subject to appointed facilitator).

5. What if graduates of Accelerate/Mircro Bootcamp are interested to join the programme?

Yes, any graduates from Accelerate/Micro Bootcamp are encourage to apply.

6. How much is the rental?

The rental for 1st year will be waived and fully subsidize by DARe.

Rental will be charge on the 2nd year subject to iCentre renewal application form and assessment from DARe. Rental will be based on the square feet unit ranging from BND$100.00 – BND350.00 monthly. Those selected are required to pay $500.00 refundable deposits in advance for the 1st year and an increase in 30% deposit for 2nd year.

The refundable deposits will be deducted for any maintenance and reinstatement used to refurbish the unit back to the original structure which will be part of the terms and conditions.

7. How long is the tenancy agreement?

The tenancy agreement is subject to a year 1+1 tenancy agreement.

8. What happens after the year 1+1 tenancy agreement?

Incubatee will have to exit to allow room and opportunities for other incubatee to grow.

9. What happen if incubatee would like to terminate the contract?

For an early termination, kindly give us a ONE (1) MONTH notice.

10. How long will it take for my application to be processed?

Applications will be processed upon receiving complete documentation, with the decision for your application made within 14 working days.

11. How will my application be evaluated?

There are certain criteria that your application will be evaluated on, these criteria are:

  • Commercial Merit
  • Team Competency
  • Innovation Merit
  • Market Validation
  • Financial

12. What happen if some of the document required is unavailable?

Any missing data or required document, will not be processed.

13. What is expected from me, as an incubatee of iCentre?

You will be expected to regularly report to DARe on the performance of business/company. DARe will closely monitor performance and recommend any other relevant DARe service or initiative that may further assist you.

14. How will I know if there is a change in the status of my application?

DARe will inform through email or phone call if there are any changes in the status for your application.

15. Will furniture be provided?

Yes, tables and chairs will be provided.

16. Do I have to pay for utility bills?

No need, we got you covered for Water, electricity and WiFi.

17. What else can I have access to?

You can have access to the facilities in the iCentre such as Meeting Rooms, Auditorium, Gym, Prayer Room and Resource Room.

18. What happens if I don’t comply with the terms set by DARe?

Those who do not comply with the terms and conditions will be given notice and may be subject to termination of contract.



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