iCentre is a startup incubation program and co-working space for entrepreneurs with access to capacity building programmes and the startup ecosystem. iCentre works closely with local and regional collaborators to develop and conduct workshops in the areas of ideation, market validation and fund raising.

Programmes and activities under the iCentre

  • Industry Business Academy - A SME capacity building development and learning programme where enterprises can increase their skills and knowledge in starting, running and expanding a business. Explore!

  • Accelerate Startup Programme - A 100-day accelerator programme open to new and existing entrepreneurs, the program provides weekly pitching, mentoring sessions geared towards Demo Day where participants pitch their product to a panel of judges / investors. Explore!

  • Micro Bootcamp Programme - is a business programme specially for micro businesses (1-4 employees) in the youth category (18 to 40 years old). Explore!

  • Sharing and Networking Sessions - Community based event inviting strategic partners for sharing and networking sessions.


1. All applications for iCentre office must be submitted to Darussalam Enterprise. Each application must be submitted with a cover letter and a complete application form to the following address:


Darussalam Enterprise

D&T Building, Simpang 32-37

Kg Anggerek Desa        

Jalan Berakas BB3713

Bandar Seri Begawan

Negara Brunei Darussalam




Email :

2. All applications must be fully completed using the given application form (as attached).

3. Submitted applications shall be subject to the availability and suitability of the office space.


4. All applicants MUST be registered business via 



1. Submission of completed iCentre Incubation Programme - Application Form 

2. Completion of Micro Bootcamp Programme or at least at week seven (7) onwards in Accelerate Bootcamp Programme with a submission of a comprehensive Business Lean Canvas

3. Market Validation 

A better understanding of the target market will help build a better, more focused product. It is the process of testing how relevant and desirable a product or concept is by conducting user research. It is designed to understand, at the earliest possible stage, whether an idea is worth developing further. 

  • Illustration of deeper understanding of the market including definition of target market.

  • Results of testing to target market to give a user perspective on whether a solution is viable/ engagement of target market (questionnaires, interviews, data presentation)

  • Demonstrate target KPI to reach certain number of clients.

  • Must show early adopters of products/service and initial growth revenue to be able to rent an office space at iCentre

4. Commitment 

  • A presentation on the assessment of the capabilities of the co-founding team with shared vision, values, and attitude and also to identify skills needed to develop the product/service.

  • Strong organizational structure to run the business.

  • Projections of growth in team members with the illustration of the job scope.

5. Concepting

  • Planning of the initial strategy and key milestones for the business are well presented with MVP/Prototype.

  • Presentation of milestones both short term and long term.

  • Comprehensive roadmap of the business.



(a) Commercial Merit

  • Business must show potential for further development and commercialization including a sound financial and marketing plan. Where possible,

    • Identify target market and market size

    • Identify potential commercialization partners

    • Identify potential competition

    • Identify business revenues

    • Demonstrate uniqueness of product

  • Business is scalable for substantial growth.

  • Realistic, measurable and achievable business activities, milestones, resource allocations and timelines must be provided.


(b) Team Competency

  • Business team members may not necessarily have relevant and suitable experience and expertise with a good track record, but must have a well-rounded team with financial, relevant technical and marketing background.

  • Business team members especially the founder must have the relevant and complementary expertise. Where there is a gap, business should identify how to fill in the gap.

  • Strong organizational structure to run the business.

  • Projections of growth in team members with the illustration of the job scope


(c) Innovation Merit

  • Business should demonstrate new innovation or improvement to existing product or service or technology for enhanced efficiency or productivity.

  • Business should show unique value proposition behind the technology or its application. For example, solution for the intended problem.

  • Business should show the level of novelty, originality or innovation to the proposed product, service or technology.


(d) High Impact Innovation

  • Applicants should show how business creates economic impact (through potential spin offs and employment opportunities).

  • Business should show high impact to national interests providing solution to problems.

  • Applicants must provide clear and expected output and KPIs.

Companies under iCentre

The Fundnel team partners young and established companies alike to help them find their stride and expand their footprint in the new global economy we live in today. Our people are here to help various ventures shape their companies into enduring businesses for years to come.
A charity crowdfunding platform to help elevate the livelihood of our community in terms of socio-status.
Sparkly Domestic Divas
Sparkly Domestic Divas is a domestic service provider that serves domestic work from houses to houses and commercial buildings around Brunei Darussalam
The first of its kind in Brunei to provide organized weekend workshops on a variety of skills, such as batik painting, steak cooking, orchid planting, digital illustrating, and writing, in order to inspire fun productivity amongst the Bruneian community.
Agrome IQ
Smart agriculture systems to assist small farmers in monitoring and increasing the output of their yield. Company currently working with local farmers, and beta test farm in Cambodia.
GroMinda Group
An application platform to connect graduates and prospective employers that focuses on industrial training.
Creating a revolutionary platform to engage bowlers worldwide.
Headhunter Sports
Rugged Clothing For Sports Teams and Fitness Wear
Specializes in delivering competency Islamic based workshops, such as leadership-values-based enrichment programmes for children
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