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1 Day

Learning and Teaching Strategy

Lecture, questioning, e-learning quiz, and group activity


Nuh Hamid


Laptop and internet browser


Entrepreneurs, founders and business decision makers


About this Course

This workshop aims to develop participants’ understanding and awareness of fundamental financial forecast. It places emphasis on how business owner can use financial information to enhance the decision making process.


  1. to develop participants’ understanding and awareness of fundamental financial forecast.

  2. to enhance the decision making process using financial information.


  1. Cost and pricing strategy -  The basis of cost categorisation in running a business and assess a range of pricing strategies.

  2. Sales forecast – The purpose of forecast sales in achieving business objectives. Factors to consider when preparing a sales forecast and preparing a forecast.

  3. Personal survival budget -  Provides an overview the minimum amount that the owner will need to take from the business to live on. Prepare a list of personal income minus list of personal expenditure.

  4. Cash flow forecast – Recognize the importance of and preparing a cash flow forecast.

  5. Break-even analysis. -  Breakeven point, target profit and Cost volume profit analysis.

Your Trainer/Facilitator

Nuh Hamid

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​Participants will be able to:

1.1 Create financial forecast with excel.

1.2 Categorize the concept of business cost.

1.3 Formulate pricing strategy.

1.4 Formulate the techniques and methods to sales forecasting.

1.5 Construct personal survival budget.

1.6 Prepare and review cash flow forecast to ensure effective cash management.

1.7 Perform break even analysis.

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