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White Waves

Global Game Exhibition G-star 
17 - 19 November 2022, Bexco


  1. All interested applicants must read the concept note about the event and Guidelines set by the organiser.

  2. All interested applicants must ensure that they meet the general eligibility criteria set by the organiser.

  3. All interested applicants must ensure to fill in the forms with attachment of
    (i) latest company profile with contact details (email and mobile number) and person in charge
    (ii) copy of identity card
    (iii) company registration certificate and email to Darussalam Enterprise (DARe), International Relations and Cooperation (IRC) at

    Note: Incomplete submission of documents will not be entertained.

  4. Please be informed that final selection is based on selection criteria as well as the assessment of materials submitted from applicants. Final selected applicant will be notified.

  5. For queries, please email


Any interested applicants may fill in the registration form and attached relevant documents as per application guidelines. All application and required documents must be submitted to DARe International Relations and Cooperation (IRC) at no later than Friday, 7th October, 2022 before 4pm.

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