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Trade Financing

Letter of Credit:

Wakalah Contract (Agent):

The Bank act as a purchasing agent on behalf of the buyer/applicant who will place deposit to the full amount of goods to be purchased. The Bank will establish Letter of Credit and remits the payments to the seller/beneficiary utilizing the deposit made by the buyer/applicant

Murabaha Contract (Deferred Lump Sum-Sale)

The Bank acts as the financier for the buyer/applicant who is appointed as purchasing agent for the goods on behalf of the Bank. The Bank will establish Letter of Credit and remit the payment to the seller/beneficiary using the Bank’s own funds. The Bank will then sell the goods to the buyer/applicant at a sale price comprising of the cost and profit margin. The Bank will allow the buyer/applicant a deferred payment term for the settlement of the purchase under LC Murabaha arrangement (Trust Receipt)

Collection Bills:

This is a financing product offered as other alternative to Letter of Credit. This financing provides the buyer/importer the means of funding the purchase of raw materials and other trade-able goods locally and/or imported from overseas. For the seller/exporter, the financing offered a means to finance their sales/export of goods on credit term and obtain required cash flow for operation.

Shipping Guarantee:

This is a facility provided by the Bank which indemnifies and guarantees the shipping company for the release of goods to the buyer/importer in the absence/without presentation of Bill of Lading.



Amount Offered (BND)

To be disclosed upon engagement







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