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Demand Line Financing

A revolving short-term financing given to finance project/contract awarded by Government or Government Related Companies or any other pay-master acceptable to the Bank.


This financing provides standby fund for companies to pay for overhead expenses, operation expenses and the like while awaiting payment.

Other Details:

Benefit of the financing is on a draw-down basis made against certified/confirmed claims or receivables and the tenor shall be based on the expected timing of receipt of payment. The amount of draw-down shall be based on a pre-agreed percentage (up to a maximum of 80% of claims or receivables amount). The period of financing is normally adjusted to suit the duration of project/contract with maximum of period of twelve (12) months. The financing may be renewed upon expiry subject to satisfactory performance of the account.

The profit charged for the financing shall be calculated on a daily based on outstanding utilised balance and the rate is subject to the Bank’s prevailing risk mitigation and pricing Repayment shall be made by means of monthly profits payment and lump sum settlement of principal at the end of the financing tenor or full settlement upon receipt of payment for which the draw-down is made whichever is earlier.



Amount Offered (BND)

To be disclosed upon engagement







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