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Co-Matching Scheme – Expansion Category

Co-Matching Scheme – Expansion Category

DARe has established a Co-Matching Scheme to assist MSMEs with Starting up or Expansion costs. The businesses will have to co-match a minimum of 30% in eligible costs [1], with the remaining to be funded by DARe through the scheme, to a maximum of 70%. The grant is separated into two categories; Starting up category and the Expansion category. 

[1] Eligible cost include: Obtaining license and certification; Consultancy services; Machine and Equipment; Marketing Expenses; Adoption of Technology


Darussalam Enterprise

Amount Offered (BND)

Up to BND20,000


  • Targeted towards businesses that are looking for growth opportunities i.e. increase productivity, expand product range/services or international expansion

  • Applicable for businesses that have been registered and in operation for more than twelve (12) months

  • DARe will fund 70% in eligible costs

  • Must fall within the definition of micro, small or medium enterprise i.e. have fewer than 100 employees

  • Must practice proper book-keeping, and are able to provide at least six (6) months to one (1) year of financial records (depending on the nature of the business)

  • Sole Proprietorship and Partnership businesses are encouraged to convert the status of their existing business into Sendirian Berhad (Sdn Bhd)





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