Financing schemes you can get for your business

What is the Co-Matching Scheme?

The Co-Matching Scheme is a grant to assist businesses with Starting Up or Expansion costs, up to a maximum of $20,000.


The business will have to co-match a minimum of 30% of eligible costs, with the remaining to be funded by DARe through the scheme, to a maximum of 70%, according to the scheme’s quantum amount.

There are 2 categories of Co-Matching Scheme:

1. Starting Up

  • Applicable for new businesses registered within (not more than) twelve (12) months

  • Targeted to assist in the starting up of innovative businesses

  • DARe will fund 70% of eligible costs with grant quantum of  up to B$10,000

2. Expansion

  • Applicable for established businesses registered more than twelve (12) months

  • Targeted at businesses looking to expand their businesses to the next level i.e. to increase productivity, expand range of products or services or looking into expanding internationally

  • DARe will fund 70% of eligible costs with grant quantum of up to B$20,000

Who is eligible for the scheme?

To be eligible for the scheme, businesses/companies have to satisfy the following general eligibility criteria:

  • Must be registered and based in Brunei Darussalam (100% locally owned businesses by Citizens or Permanent Residents)

  • Product/services offered must be locally owned.

  • Must be able to match at least 30% of the eligible costs (according to the scheme’s grant quantum), with prior experience in securing investment considered to be advantageous.

1. Criteria for Starting Up

  • Must fall within definition of micro or small enterprises i.e. have fewer than 20 employees

  • Currently participating or accomplished one of DARe’s Bootcamp Programmes (e.g. Accelerate or Micro Bootcamp) or a similar programme

2. Criteria for Expansion

  • Must fall within the definition of micro, small or medium enterprises i.e. have fewer than 100 employees

  • Must practice proper book-keeping, and able to provide applicable financial records

  • For Sole Proprietorship or Partnership, businesses are strongly encouraged to convert the status of their existing business into Sendirian Berhad (Sdn Bhd)

What are the Eligible Expenses?

Businesses may apply for the Co-Matching Scheme to help fund costs related to Starting Up or Expansion that promote business productivity and performance.

Eligible expenses include:

  1. Costs of obtaining license and certification

  2. Consultancy services

  3. Machine and equipment

  4. Marketing expenses

  5. Adoption of technology


Expenses not eligible under the Scheme include:

  1. Debts and liabilities

  2. Director’s fees and remuneration

  3. Manpower or personnel salary

  4. Service fee to individuals

  5. Renovation

  6. Rental

  7. Repair and maintenance costs

  8. Any businesses normal operating costs

How does it work?

  1. Complete Application Form & prepare all required documents

  2. Submit Application Form, Business Proposal and relevant documents to or to Business Helpdesk, Design & Technology Building, Anggerek Desa Tech Park

  3. Screening of Applications to check for completeness and eligibility

  4. Evaluation of Proposals based on evaluation criteria – applicant may be called for interview if necessary

  5. Approval and signing of agreement for successful applications

  6. Disbursement & Monitoring of funds based on agreed milestones, up to a maximum 12-month duration.

The project/ activities funded under this scheme must be completed within a period of twelve (12) months.

Once application is approved, funds will be disbursed to enable implementation of Starting up or Expansion project/ activities.

FAQs on Co-Matching Scheme

Why do I need to attend DARe’s Micro or Accelerate Bootcamp to qualify for the Starting Up category?

Since Starting Up category is for new businesses that have been registered less than 12 months, we want to ensure applicants are equipped with the essential basic knowledge of running a business by attending DARe’s Micro or Accelerate Bootcamps. Attending these programmes makes the participant eligible, however it does not guarantee being awarded with the grant.

Why does DARe require me to contribute 30% of cost?

Your 30% contribution ensures your commitment to the proposed Startup or Expansion project. Your willingness to contribute to the cost is taken as a sign of good faith and indicates your confidence in the future of your business. In general, if a business owner is willing to put their own money on the line, potential investors will see this as a vote of confidence that the business owner is fully committed to generating returns on their investment.

What if I don’t have funds to co-match the 30% cost?

This is another reason why participation in DARe’s Micro or Accelerate Bootcamps is required. Through these programmes you will learn about alternative financing options, as well as be exposed to other like-minded entrepreneurs, which can spark collaborations and partnerships. We have seen cases where programme participants with similar business ideas both facing lack of funding, decide to partner up and pool their resources to come up with their startup costs.

Do I need to repay the 70%?

No, you do not need to repay the 70% of costs funded by DARe. However, you are required to achieve all the agreed milestones. Failure to achieve milestones without valid reasons may result in your disbursement claims being withheld or potential claw back of the grant.

I want to produce a Proof of Concept. Is this eligible under the scheme?

Yes, provided that you have gone through DARe’s Micro or Accelerate Bootcamps, where you will be guided throughout the business ideation process.

I want to import raw materials / manufacture my product overseas to be resold within Brunei under my own local brand. Is this eligibleunder the scheme?

While locally-sourced raw materials and/or production is encouraged, we understand this is not always commercially viable. Hence, these activities may be considered under the scheme, depending on the strength of business case outlined in your proposal.

How long will it take for my application to be processed?

Applications will be processed upon receiving complete documentation, with the decision for your application made within 2 months.

How will my application be evaluated?

There are certain criteria that your application will be evaluated on, these criteria are:

  • Commercial Merit
  • Domestic Market Establishment
  • Team Competency and Commitment
  • Innovation Merit
  • Export Potential

What is expected from me, as a recipient of the scheme?

You will be expected to regularly report to DARe on the performance of your project and business/company. DARe will closely monitor performance and recommend any other relevant DARe service or initiative that may further assist you.

How will I know if there is a change in the status of my application?

DARe will inform through email if there are any changes in the status for your application.

How do I register?

To register, fill in the Registration Form and submit together with Business Proposal and relevant documents to, or to Business Helpdesk, Design & Technology Building, Anggerek Desa Tech Park.