How does DARe help businesses?

By providing six different services to support businesses:

  1. Support Services
  2. Financing
  3. Training
  4. Space
  5. Market Access
  6. Promotion

What support services does DARe provide?

DARe has a Business Support Centre that can look up government related processes for businesses that you are unsure of.

DARe's Business Support Centres are located at the Design and Technology Building in Anggerek Desa, Seria and Kuala Belait Municipal Building in Belat district,and Temburong District's Bahagian Sukatan dan Timbangan.

Does DARe only support local business?

DARe helps to assist and support businesses that are based in Brunei whether local or foreign owned.

Where is DARe located?

DARe's office is located at:
Design & Technology Building in Kg Anggerek Desa, Simpang 32-37


What financing is available?

Currently, there is a Co-Matching Scheme aims to provide a co-matching funding with recipient to “co-match” 30% of the total amount, while DARe will fund the remaining 70%.

Where can I apply for this financing?

Application Form can be downloaded here and submit to or to Business Helpdesk, Design & Technology (D&T) Building, Anggerek Desa Tech Park.

Where can I go if I am looking for financing other than Co-Matching Scheme?

We advise that businesses go to Bank Usahawan. They can seek for more information at or visit the Bank located at the old post office in Bandar or D&T Building.


What training does DARe provide?

DARe has three training programmes for businesses. Those looking for something short and sweet can join the Industry Business Academy and learn about how to start a business from a beginner to advanced level. Those who feel their product or service has export / global potential should join DARe's Accelerate Bootcamp, while those who are youth (18-40 yrs old) looking to start a business should join DARe's Micro Bootcamp.

Are there any courses on the weekend?

The Industry Business Academy do hold some classes on Friday, and the Startup Bootcamp usually holds classes after working hours or on weekends.

Do you have to pay for the course?

No, all courses are free, unless otherwise stated.

Does DARe provide training for students?

Students can either join DARe's Industry Business Academy or DARe's Micro Bootcamp. For the Micro Bootcamp, preferably the students have graduated as the courses do run on weekdays.

Does DARe conduct specific programs for those less fortunate?

Our DARe Industry Business Academy is tailored for any audience at every income level, and it is also free.

Are there any courses on bookkeeping?

Yes, there is. This course is available under our Industry Business Academy.

Are there any courses on accounting?

Yes, there is. This course is available under our Industry Business Academy.

Are there any courses on packaging?

Yes, there is. This course is available under our Industry Business Academy.

Are there any courses for people who want to start a business?

Yes, there is. This course is available under our Industry Business Academy.

What other courses does Industry Business Academy cover?

It covers on topics surveyed by DARe on what the public has requested for and what will benefit them: Food certification training, Marketing, Human Resource Management and more.

When is the next course held?

Updated topics for the Industry Business Academy can be found in our website at under the Training icon. You can directly go to IBA Schedule here to find out our available courses.

Are the facilitators in house?

Yes, some of them are, however majority are sourced outside of DARe as we want to be sure specialised topics are carried out by experts.

How do I sign up for training programmes under DARe?

Registration can be done at our website Be sure to click on the training icon, where you will find all the registration forms at the bottom of each web page.

What other training courses are available for businesses?

Starting 28 March, DARe launched its Industry Business Academy onlline, which offers business related courses MSMEs. These courses are available through the Coursera platform. Those interested can register at or email directly to for more information. MSMEs are defined as businesses with less than 100 employees.

How to apply to IBA Coursera and what are the eligibility criteria?

The eligibility criteria are:

i. Applicants must be registered under Registry of Companies and Business Names under the Ministry of Finance and Economy.
ii. Applicants must have less than 100 employees.
iii. Company must have existing product/service.
iv. For employee, the founder must email to to give consent for the employee to enroll for a course, to improve the company’s capacity.

Applicants can register online at

Is the IBA online courses available to everyone?

IBA online is only applicable to MSMEs. MSMEs are defined as businesses with less than 100 employees.

What kind of courses are available in IBA Online?

There are over 300 courses to choose from ranging in these areas: marketing and sales, innovation and design, human resources, finance and accounting, business operations, business skills, data skills, data skills and technology skills.

For a full list of the courses available you can also go to

Is there a limit on how many people in my company can attend?

Yes, there is a limit. Due to overwhelming repsonse, we are limiting enrolments to two per company. You may email if you would like to request for extra quota, however this can only be done after you have successfully completed two enrolments for your company. Requests for extra quota will be considered on a case to case basis.

Do you have to be constantly active in IBA online?

Yes, you must be active. Businesses that are inactive for 2 weeks will have their registration replaced with another participant.

What happens if my registration is cancelled, how do I ask for continuance?

For those looking to continue their registration in the event that it is cancelled, can email

Do I have to pay for the courses?

No, it is free, however you do have to meet the eligibility criteria.

Will I receive a certificate upon completion of course?

Depending on which course you take, some may be provided with e-certificate upon completion.

How do you register for the courses by Coursera mentioned in the Press Conference?

Those looking to register can go to Once you have registered, your application will be assessed. If you meet the criteria, you will be given an access link to the platform and start your enrolment to your chosen course. If you have further inquirieis, you can email

Growth or Export

How does DARe grow businesses inside and outside of Brunei?

For those interested to expand their business, DARe's Market Access Unit will help facilitate our local enterprises to enter both local and overseas market, through providing related opportunities, guidance and assistance.

This unit offers free business advisory services to help MSMEs overcome business challenges and acquire information in expanding their businesses overseas.

This unit also organizes trainings, and networking events which cover export related matters as well as overseas expansion.

When is the next international expo and how do I join?

DARe will advertise any upcoming events including international expos and trade fairs for MSMEs via our social media channels Instagram and Facebook @darussalamenterprise

When is the Made in Brunei Market Fair happening?

Now its called Brunei MSME Festival (previously named the Made in Brunei Market Fair), organized by DARe, happening in March 2019.

What is the Brunei MSME Festival?

The Brunei MSME Festival (previously named the Made in Brunei Market Fair), organized by DARe, will provide a platform to raise awareness of Bruneian products and services while promoting and celebrating entrepreneurship.

More info can be found at

How do businesses join the Bruneian Made Initiative?

Registration can be done at our website Be sure to click on the Market Access icon and look for out for the Bruneian Made icon. Registration forms can be found at the bottom of the web page.

What is the Bruneian Made initiative?

The Bruneian Made initiative showcases local products in local supermarkets, partnering with souvenir shops, Brunei International Airport and premium hotels.

Why should I join Bruneian Made Initiative?

  • By joining the Bruneian Made Initiative, it will increase the awareness and promotion of your products through online and offline channels.
  • It will also reduce barriers of entry for your business to be able to sell to a wider customer base.
  • By joining this initiative, DARe will support the development and growth of your business to reach to an international standard to be export ready.

Do the products need to be made in Brunei?

Product or product brand must be locally owned but not necessarily manufactured, produced or processed in Brunei.

Will DARe do the applications e.g. halal, pacakaging for the business?

No, the businesses need to handle the approvals on their own as they would be knowledgebale about their own business and product during the application.
If you need further help on this, we do have an e-booklet that can guide you on how to properly brand and package your product.

What is the criteria to join the Bruneian Made initiative?

Businesses must be registered under ROCBN / One Village One Product (1K1P), it is also mandatory for businesses to have proper labelling such as ingredients, barcode, expiry and manufacture date and proper packaging as these are requirements set by supermarkets. On top of that products, must be under the category of dry food, household items or health and beauty products.

Biz Brunei

What does Bizbrunei do?

Bizbrunei is an online news platform with the aim to showcase and feature the stories of local entrepreneurs.

How can I be featured on Bizbrunei?

As long as the business owner is willing to be interviewed openly about their entrepreneurial journey, Bizbrunei is able to cover. They also prioritize businesses that are locally owned and run.

Do I have to pay to be featured?

No, it is free.

Can Bizbrunei make a video for my business?

Only after Bizbrunei does a feature / write-up about the business. This allows a longer promotional media campaign for the business.


What space does DARe provide?

DARe offers co-working space at iCentre and industrial site / parks and ready-built factory.

Does DARe have any available office space?

We do but depends on availability & suitability within our industrial areas, however for our iCentre, all our office space is currently full. We do however offer FREE co-working space at iCentre at a first come first serve basis with wifi, 24 hour security and readily available parking.

What industrial areas does DARe offer?

DARe offers industrial sites, parks and ready-built factory.

What is the difference between the three and how much does it cost?

Industrial park is cleared land with infrastructure such as; electricity, water supply, road access, etc and cost B$7 per square meter per year.

Industrial site is undeveloped land which is basically a forested area but only costs B$3.50 per square metre per year.

Ready-built factory is an existing building with infrastructure: electricity, water supply, telecommunications tower and road access and rent ranges from B$640 to B$15,000.

What is the cost of DARe's industrial areas?

Industrial park cost B$7 per square metre per year, Industrial sites cost B$3.50 per square metre per year and ready-built factory (which includes SPARK facility) ranges between B$640 to B$15,000 per month.

What is the eligibility criteria to apply for industrial area?

For industrial site or park, companies need to be registered as a Sdn Bhd (Private Limited). For ready-built factory, owners have to be a Yellow IC holder and be a Sdn Bhd. Those who are a sole proprietorship or partnership business can apply, however they do have to convert their business to Sdn Bhd upon approval of their application.

How do I apply for industrial site / park or ready-built factory?

Those interested to apply, can go to our website under the icon space. For any application, companies/owners may apply via InSiteAPS.

Does DARe provide warehousing space?

DARe is looking into it, to apply for our industrial site / parks or ready-built factories, you can make an application directly at our website under the tab labelled space where you will select 'How to Apply?'

Where can I find more information about this?

More information on our industrial areas can be found here

Meeting Rooms

Can we use the meeting rooms / auditorium at DARe or iCentre?

For these requests, inquiries can directly ask our Admin team to book a time and slot by emailing

Career / Vacancy

How do I apply for an internship under DARe?

Those looking to apply for an internship position can click on the Career tab on the bottom of our website and follow the instructions on the webpage.


Is it wrong to start a business if it has been done before?

No it isn't but we do advise individuals to really look to see how can your business differentiate from others. A good place to start would be to join any of DARe's courses under the Industry Business Academy.

Can a student start a business?

If you have the right mindset and a good framerwork to start, anyone can. We do advise that students should join our courses under the Industry Business Academy to learn some basic businesses skill sets and knowledge.

Do students have to pay for the course?

No our courses are free.

How do I apply for a space in PPK?

The PPK is a project under the Ministry of Energy Manpower and Industry, and inquiries can be contacted via their hotline 8269087

How do I start a specific business i.e. tailoring, agriulture, etc?

To find out information of what steps you need to take to start a business in a specific industry, head to the Business Simulator page at

I'm interested to give consultacy services to businesses how do I partner up with DARe?

Those looking to provide training or consultancy to businesses can email and have a further discussion with the team.

How does DARe support ICT businesses?

We ensure they are equipped with the business background and do hold industry specific courses under our Industry Business Academy programme.

Does DARe provide a list of companies for tenders?

No, we don’t. Similar to other organisations, DARe tenders are published within our social media channels and newspapers.

How can we reach out to DARe to give talks?

For any requests on talks, these inquiries can directly email

eCommerce Platform

What is eCommerce and how can it help my business?

eCommerce is the buying and selling of goods and services online. eCommerce platforms providers are like online shops, and can help MSMEs market their goods/services online in order to reach more customers. This can provide MSMEs with another avenue to continue their business sales, which may help to stabilise their income in light of current COVID-19 related restrictions that limit physical interactions.

What is eKadaiBrunei and what is the purpose?

ekadaiBrunei is an online directory or "Yellow Pages" of various different eCommerce providers, launched by AITI and DARe. Businesses and the public can visit eKadaiBrunei to find trusted eCommerce platform providers identified by AITI and DARe. The purpose of this website is to help businesses expand online by featuring a range of eCommerce platform providers in Brunei that they could join. Furthermore, eKadaiBrunei also provides a directory of delivery and logistic services to help deliver or transport your products.

I am an eCommerce platform provider, how do I get listed on eKadaiBrunei?

You may contact the website directly at

I am a business, how can eKadaiBrunei help me?

eKadaiBrunei provides a single site for customers and MSMEs to view a range of available eCommerce platforms, thereby helping to increase visibility and marketing of MSMEs goods and services online. While the majority of eCommerce platforms are focused on the Food & Beverage sector, there are still 11 different eCommerce platforms currently available on eKadaiBrunei that you could choose to conduct your business in.

Is it possible to sell my product/services on eKadaiBrunei?

No, eKadaiBrunei is a directory to link businesses up with eCommerce platforms. If you want to start selling online, you can select any of the eCommerce platforms listed on the directory that are most relevant to your product or service and current business needs, and register with them directly.

I am interested to join an e-commerce platform, where do I begin?

If you are a business looking to start selling your products online, please visit to view the different eCommerce providers available. We encourage you to conduct your own assessment and due diligence on which platform to join, based on your product/service and business needs When you have decided, you may register directly to your chosen e-commerce platform, but if you need further assistance, you may contact

What is the criteria for joining an eCommerce platform?

Each platform provider has different requirements and criteria. Some specialise in certain areas such as groceries. Hence we advise to do your own due diligence on each of the relevant platform providers to see which suits your individual business model.

What is the cost of joining an eCommerce platform and who will bear the cost?

Each platform provider has different charges and packages based on their services and business model. This cost will be borne by you, and this is why we advise to do your own due diligence to see which platform best suits your business model.

If I don't have a computer, how do I connect to these eCommerce platforms?

You just need to have a working mobile phone to connect.

How do I apply as a driver for these platforms?

If you would like to apply to be a driver or runner for any of the platform providers or delivery services, we advise to check out and contact the relevant provider directly.