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Social Media Marketing, Management and Analysis



March 21, 2023 at 12:00:00 AM


March 22, 2023 at 9:00:00 AM

IBA Training Room, iCentre

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About this event

Course duration

2 days

Module Description

Social media has already become a part of the daily life for most people nowadays. It is crucial that businesses take full advantage of it to create visibility of their brand, product or services. For businesses with an existing a social media account, let us help you got better engagement with your audience by creating better branding themes and utilising many other strategies when creating your content.

In this workshop, we will also cover tools that can ease your content curation, expand your creativity and even automation that helps you save time. In order to know how well you did, you need to understand the results provided by the tool, our data analyst will share how to interpret these data.

The thought of sponsoring a page or post might seem overwhelming and costly, but RISE will teach you how you can run social media marketing campaigns strategically that will not cost you a lot.

Lesson Plan


  • Understand why social media marketing is necessary for all types oi businesses

  • Introduce content creation and methods how to creatively create your own

  • Explore tools available in the market to help you optimize content creation

  • Understand analytics that social media provides and how to strategise to improve conversions

  • Understand how marketing campaigns can help your conversions

Hands-on Activities

  • Learn how to create content for social media using tools that are introduced

  • Use our demo social media account for post for trial and evaluate it as a viewer then debrief

  • Exercise with scenarios of analytics to help attendees understand better

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