Mentor Circles, Cycle 4 (Onboarding Session)



August 8, 2022, 11:00:00 AM


Online Event


Free of charge

About this event

Mentor Circles is a form of group mentoring that takes place between 1-2 mentor(s) and up to 5 mentees. Circles aim to assist entrepreneurs in developing their business goals and build confidence in achieving them with the support and motivation of fellow entrepreneurs and a mentor.

All small business owners with a goal in mind are encouraged to join a Mentor Circle! Circles serve as a valuable and unique resource for learning because of the range of experience each entrepreneur brings to the table. Open, in-depth and inclusive dialogue is the key to successful and productive engagements!

Here's what you can expect to do at a Circle session:

  • Prepare – Think of what you want to achieve from each session

  • Engage – Actively participate in open conversation

  • Consolidate – Reflect on how to apply the knowledge and learnings discussed

If you are keen to join a Mentor Circle, sign up for the on-boarding session now. This on-boarding session will help us organise a circle for you based on your preference and compatibility. We look forward to meeting you soon in Circles!

The date and time of the on-boarding session is only tentative. Circles are expected to kick off once the minimum number of participants is met. BMEN will reach out to all participants who have registered an interest in this event. Thank you for your kind understanding.