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What is DARe LINKS?

A B2B platform where DARe facilitates business linkages between local Clients with interested locally registered businesses including MSMEs (Vendors) by providing support to perform effectively on contracts

Objective of DARe LINKS

  • To provide a platform to increase in-country value by encouraging greater participation of MSMEs in local supply chain

  • To encourage adoption of proper procurement practice for MSMEs

  • To support the development of MSME capabilities by linking to other DARe programs / initiatives

DARe LINKS Portal: A Directory of Opportunities

The DARe LINKS Portal is where the linkage activities will happen. MSMEs can register as a vendor to have access to a directory of opportunities offered by Clients, including projects, tenders and procurement requests. 


Through the portal, vendors can:

  • Participate in any business opportunity advertised through the Portal, provided that they fulfill Clients requirements.

  • Report award details

  • Provide feedback

  • Have access to early bird registration for courses provided by DARe (IBA).


Clients may do the following:

  • Post advertisements

  • Receive vendor submissions

  • Shortlist, reject and award vendors

  • Report award details

  • Provide feedback



Eligibility Criteria


  • Locally registered company under ROCBN

  • Minimum 1 year of business operations

  • Demonstrate the potential to deliver on the work contract


  • Applicable to organisations incorporated under Registry of Companies and Business Names (ROCBN)including Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), Government Linked Companies (GLC) and Multi-National Corporations (MNC)

  • Applicable to Statutory Bodies

  • Applicable to Medium to Large Enterprises with resources to offer business opportunities

  • Not limited to any industry

Is there a fee to participate in DARe LINKS?

No, currently registration and participation in the initiative is free of charge. 

How does DARe LINKS work?


  • Clients offer business opportunities, i.e. Tenders, RFPs, RFQs, and EOIs, in the DARe LINKS Portal

  • Registered vendors who fit the opportunity requirements may respond and submit their proposal and/or quotation in the Portal

  • Clients will select and award vendors

  • DARe to offer the relevant assistance to ensure the linkage is successful until delivery of service is complete

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DARe LINKS Clients

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