What is DARe LINKS? 


A programme where DARe connects  credible micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) with Large Companies by supporting the development of technical and business skills of MSMEs to prepare them to perform effectively on contracts with Large Companies through a series of assessments, mentoring and training.

Objective of DARe LINKS

  1. To increase economic activities for positive growth of MSMEs by maximizing local purchasing of Large Companies and facilitate import substitution when possible.

  2. To allow more skill and technology transfer into MSMEs from Large Companies.

  3. To help develop domestic industry by upgrading local MSMEs to meet international standards.

  4. To grow MSMEs that create job opportunities

DARe LINKS Portal: A Directory of Opportunities

The DARe LINKS Portal is where the linkage activities will happen. MSMEs can register as a vendor to have access to a directory of opportunities offered by Large Companies, including projects, tenders and procurement requests. 

Through the portal, vendors can:

  • Submit their proposals for projects, tenders and procurement requests.

  • Apply for Vendor Development training offered by DARe.

  • Increase their credibility and visibility to Large Companies


Large Companies can also benefit through the portal as it offers:

  • Access to a supplier directory of local MSMEs verified by DARe

  • Additional channels to advertise and list your opportunities, i.e. RFP, RFQ and/or Tenders

  • Compilation of proposal, quotation or Tender submissions through the Portal only accessible by the respective Large Company for ease of selection

Vendor Development Training to upgrade performance

Vendor Development Training (VDT) is a key component of the programme, to ensure that vendors are prepared to compete for tender or procurement awards. VDT will be used to assess MSME capabilities to verify their commitment in order to be recommended for a potential linkage opportunity.

The DARe LINKS programme requires registered vendors to attend a minimum of 3 training courses provided by IBA, in order to be eligible for recommendation for linkage.

Compulsory modules:

  • Financial Management, including procurement processes and best practices

  • Organisational Strategies through business plan writing


Optional modules may include:

  • Leadership courses

  • High-impact Powerpoint Presentations Training

  • Pitching & Negotiations Skills Training

  • Digital Transformation Training, including Data Analysis

  • Any trainings required by the Large Companies


The VDT modules will be held every 2-3 months, and registered vendors may attend according to their availability. Vendors are also free to attend any other modules they feel fit to further develop their business skills.

Who is eligible?

Criteria for Vendors:

  • Locally registered company under Registry of Companies and Business Names (ROCBN)

  • Minimum 1 year of business operations

  • No. of employees less than 100 with annual revenue between B$100K and B$5M

  • Strong team members, be self-motivated and willing to change

  • Demonstrate the potential to deliver on the work contract


Criteria for Large Businesses:

  • Must be either Foreign Direct Investment, Government Linked Company, Multi National Corporation and/or Corporate Organisation that is locally registered under Registry of Companies and Business Names (ROCBN)

  • Large Companies can be from any industry

  • Has the resources to provide coaching/mentorship to linked MSMEs

What is the duration?

DARe LINKS will be an ongoing programme whereby MSMEs can register as a vendor through the DARe LINKS Portal at any time.



Is there a fee to participate in DARe LINKS?


No, currently registration and participation in the programme is free of charge.


How many companies are eligible for the programme?

DARe LINKS welcomes unlimited number of MSMEs to register as a vendor.

DARe LINKS Partners

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