CEO's Message

DARe which stands for Darussalam Enterprise is the national SME body and our main goal is to support local businesses in Brunei Darussalam. 

Micro and Small, Medium-sized enterprises are the way forward for our nation to grow not just in terms of our Gross Domestic Product, but MSMEs are the ones that will diversify our economy from oil and gas. MSMEs are also the ones who will provide employment opportunities to our local talent and fresh graduates. 

Since the very start in February 2016, we are constantly looking to develop and improve our programs and initiatives, whether it’s by providing capacity building programmes, industrial land and complexes, marketing and promotion, financing and growth outside of Brunei. 

I hope our DARe website becomes a useful tool for aspiring entrepreneurs and businesses to find out how they can leverage on our programs and initiatives to increase their competency and growth.

Javed Ahmed