To apply for the ASEAN Trade Fair, businesses will need to fill in three forms: the exhibitor registration form, price sheet of exhibit items, and ingredient list of exhibited itemsThese forms are to be downloaded and must be emailed to by April 19. Inquiries can be directed to the same email or +673 238 4830 extension 234.

Green Juices

ASEAN-Korea Centre has organized ASEAN Trade Fair especially for its strategic goal to enhance market access and internationalization. Since 2014, the Program has promoted ASEAN SMEs from diverse industries, such as furniture, game, and fishery to Korean market via reputable exhibitions and sector-specialized seminars. In this year, the Centre will promote F&B SMEs in the region, since the sector is one of the most affected industries by COVID-19 pandemic with the greatest opportunity for change and growth from easy-to-cook food to e-commerce. In addition, the Centre will focus especially on organic and eco-friendly products considering global consumers’ trends on zero waste and value conscious consumption of MZ generation.

Two programs will be organized to create a synergy; First will be ASEAN Trade Fair to introduce ASEAN MSMEs to Korean market via Seoul Food 2022, the 4th largest food industry exhibition in Asia, with celebration of its 40th years history. Apart from the invitation to the exhibition, Capacity Building Seminar will be followed to provide practical information and know-hows to ASEAN MSMEs. By combining two programs, it is expected to provide practical business opportunities, as well as to enhanced economic partnership between ASEAN and Korea to support ASEAN MSMEs in enhancing market access and internationalisation, one of the actions for strategic goals on the ASEAN Strategic Action Plan for SME development in 2016-2025.