The ASEAN NEXT 2021: ASEAN Summit on Spin-Off Technologies

Date: 5th October 2021

Venue: Virtual Conferencing

Organizer: The Department of Science and Technology of the Philippines

Event Information:

  • The ASEAN Summit on Spin-off technologies will be a one-day virtual event that aims to bring together research and development institutes, business and industry players, government, and academe in ASEAN who are involved in generating spin-off enterprises, to encourage growth and competitiveness.

  • This Summit aims to forge linkage between enterprise and scientific organizations, incorporate specialized human capital, generate innovations (new products/services, and processes) with value added to strategic sectors, and contribute to the creation/protection of intellectual property.

  • Target sectors: (i) Agriculture, aquatics, and natural resources ii) Health iii) Industry, engineering, and emerging technology.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Promote MSMEs both individually and/or in collaboration with a university/research center and an industry partner;

  • Reorient R&D towards the needs and realities of enterprises, reinforcing their role in social and economic development; 

  • Engage relevant stakeholders for access to resources for innovation, as well as knowledge transfer and sharing of best practices of successful innovation processes; 

  • Facilitate capacity building and technological upgrading of MSMEs through sharing of knowledge and access to technological resources; and 

  • Establishment of a B2B or G2B platform for discussion

Program Activities:

  1. Plenary Session

    • This session shall invite esteemed speakers to deliver their keynote addresses to share important information and set the tone for the programme. 

  2. Pitching Sessions

    • This session would focus on startups and spin-off companies to present in front of an ASEAN-wide audience. 

    • The pitching sessions will be organized in three (3) separate breakout rooms and are arranged according to sectors.

  3. B2B and B2G Meetings

    • This would be an exclusive meeting scheduled wherein interested parties can engage in private breakout rooms. The list of participating companies will be sent out once finalized

General Eligibility:

Startups or Spin-off Companies from sectors:

  • Agriculture, aquatics, and natural resources

  • Health

  • Industry, engineering, and emerging technology.


Any interested companies may check the application guidelines for steps on how to apply. All application and required documents must be submitted to DARe International Relations and Cooperation (IRC) at no later than 2nd September, 2021 by 12 noon.