ASEAN Inclusive Business Awards 2021

What is Inclusive Business (IB)?

  • IB provides goods, services, and livelihoods on a commercially viable basis, either at scale or scalable, to people at the Base of the economic Pyramid (BoP), making them part of the value chain of companies’ core business as suppliers, distributors, retailers, or customers. 

  • If a company’s customers are low-income individuals, or if it sources from people living at the base of the pyramid, or if low-income people distribute its products through their communities or sell them in local stores, that company is an inclusive business.

About Inclusive Business Award:

  • ASEAN Inclusive Business (IB) Awards highlights good practice examples of companies with business models designed to make profit while solving problems of the poor and low-income people. 

  • The ASEAN IB Awards could be of great benefit for the participating companies as it can increase their visibility, help develop international contacts, but also can serve as a way to benchmark their activities in relation to the peers.

Eligible applicants will be evaluated on their capacities of: 

  1. IB social impact reach: the business' positive reach and impact on persons of low-income or with a focus on gender;

  2. Depth of social impact: demonstrating that the business has been working with the most relevant stakeholder group for this business and that social impact does not happen on occasional basis but is structurally integrated in the business operations;

  3. Contribution to systemic change for the business model to be expanded and replicated in existing as well as new sectors and geographies;

  4. Innovation: indicating that the company has developed a unique product, service, business or delivery model working with/or serving the BoP

Any interested companies may check the application guidelines for steps on how to apply and eligibility criteria and fill in application form. All application and required documents must be submitted to DARe International Relations and Cooperation (IRC) at no later than 13th September, 2021.