Pitching and Presentation Skills

by Articulation





Free of charge


Workshop Audi, Level 3, D&T Building



In this 3-part, half-day training (4th, 5th & 11th August 2020), participants will learn the fundamentals needed to build confidence and competency, and acquiring the skills of combining the art and science of effective presentations and pitches.

The ability to present an idea clearly and effectively is highly valued in today’s world. Great pitches involve a combination of structure, rhetoric and compelling storytelling. A successful pitch needs to grab the interest of their intended audience both emotionally and logically.


This training will include lectures, discussions and individual presentations.

Program Outcome(s):

At the end of the sessions, participants will be able to:

  • explore and identify USP and key benefits of product/service

  • understand various structures of pitching

  • understand the ethos, logos and pathos of pitching

  • understand the purpose of communication

  • organize presentation effectively

  • apply verbal and non-verbal communication

  • deliver pitches with high impact and confidence

Program Itinerary:

Throughout the training, participants will understand the importance of:

  • exploring key benefits of product/ service (USP and FAB)

  • rhetoric in persuasion (Ethos, Logos and Pathos)

  • purpose of Presentation – (Inform, Instruct and Persuade)

  • body language – (Eye Contact and Standing Stance)

  • vocal variety – (Projection, Pace, Pause and Emphasis)

  • visual communication – (PowerPoint)

  • pitch organization and preparation (Direction and Coherent)

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